The Lord’s Will in My Life

It has been quite some time since I have sat down and written a post but I am excited to fill you in on what the Lord has been teaching me over the course of the past month!

The Lord has been teaching me to truly seek His will in my life.

Seeking God’s will in my life is something that has been hard for me to do. I often think that I know what is best and that my decisions are well thought out and overall pretty great. I have to continually work on surrendering my idea of what is best for me and align my life with what the Lord has designed for me instead.

I think a lot of society might argue that what I’m attempting is silly. They think that I am giving up my freedom to make decisions for myself.  They assume that I am a strong, independent woman capable of making her own decisions, why would I want to hand that over to a rule-ridden authority?

To the critics I would say that I am a strong and independent woman, a woman who is courageous enough to recognize that I cannot win this battle against the sin in my life without help and guidance from my Lord. I am a woman who is learning that the decisions I make for myself tend to only benefit me and my selfish desires, often leading me to sit in my sin instead of turning away from it. If I want to truly live out the gospel message that I proclaim to be truth in my life, I need to turn away from the sin that had once enslaved me and run toward my Savior who is ultimately working for my good.

I have been asking myself over the course of this past month, why are we as a generation so opposed to seeking God’s will in our life? One conclusion I came to is we want happiness and we want it now.

We are seeking after happiness in ways that will not last, and when it doesn’t, we are left feeling completely empty and broken. You may find happiness all you want outside of God’s will, but you will not experience true JOY outside of the will of God. Happiness is fleeting but true joy from the Lord is abounding and has no end.

In order to find this abounding joy, we need to seek after God’s will. One way to seek after God’s will is to live within the boundaries and guidelines that He has set before us in the Bible. Reading the Bible daily and aligning ourselves with God’s word is the best way that we can grow in our relationship with the Lord and understand His promises, plans, and desires for our life. It is so important to remind yourself that the “rules” or “guidelines” in the Bible are not meant to take away your freedom but to give you freedom that is abounding.

Take for example a mother and her child. I have had the honor of observing my oldest sister take on the role of mother to my sweet nephew and it is so evident that she loves and adores him with everything that she is. Now with that being said, she has rules set in place for his safety and ultimately for his good. When my sister sees my nephew crawling toward an electrical outlet she grabs him fiercely and tells him no. From his perspective he is just trying to explore this new world around him and he has absolutely no idea what an electrical outlet does or what it could do to him. But because she has more knowledge than him and understands the world from a completely different viewpoint, she knows that electrical outlets are bad and could seriously harm him. She will then cover the outlets for his protection as a boundary, preventing him from accessing them again.

These boundaries that God has set in place are what will set you free. Remember that the Lord loves you and His plans are meant to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you both hope and a future (Jeremiah 29: 11). God’s will is good, pleasing, and perfect (Roman’s 12:2).

Another way to seek God’s will in your life is to pray that God’s will be done in your life. The Lord’s prayer is given to us as a template and guide on how we should be praying so let’s use it! We should actually ask that the Lord’s will be done (Mathew 6:9-13) every time we come to Him in prayer because again, we truly don’t know what is best for our lives and ultimately we want His control over our situations because He IS working for our good (Romans 8:28).

My favorite way of seeking God’s will is to ask for prayer and guidance from mentors and friends who are also seeking God’s will. Their perspective and wisdom from their own experience is truly invaluable.

When I look at our world today, I see people who are striving after temporary pleasure  that is fleeting and short-lived. I wonder if this may be in part a cause of the rising occurrences in mental illness that we are seeing today. When people are giving their lives work to reach achievements and receive recognition yet are unable to attain it, they feel as though all of their work was in vain. Even when people do reach the goal for which they have longed for and given everything to achieve, often times it isn’t enough for them and they are left feeling empty.  The answer could be that they don’t have the one thing that we all were created to innately crave, which is a relationship with our Creator who has prepared the perfect plan for each of our lives.

If you want to experience freedom from the crippling realities of this world, grip closely to the guardrails and boundaries set forth by the one and only God who loves you more than you could dare to imagine or comprehend. His rules have an impact. His laws aren’t meant to crush you. His boundaries are what will set you free. The safest place that we can put ourselves is at the center of God’s will.


One thought on “The Lord’s Will in My Life

  1. Corinne, thank you for sharing. I absolutely loved everything about this post! So much so, that I am going to share it.

    This was my favorite part: “To the critics I would say that I am a strong and independent woman, a woman who is courageous enough to recognize that I cannot win this battle against the sin in my life without help and guidance from my Lord.”

    I am all about being strong and independent. I encourage others to be so as well! But we are called to be independent of the world, and dependent on Christ. When we do this, we are being strong by drawing on His strength and not our own.

    I too am working on aligning myself with His word. I find it hard to make sure I am doing this every day. Do you have any tips for staying diligent?


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