Hello and welcome to Corinne’s Corner!

Please allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Corinne (my friends call me Rinne) and I am a 23-year-old midwestern girl from a small town in southern Minnesota composed primarily of farmland.  I graduated from college this time last year (like what!) and boy it has been an adventure attempting to decipher and figure out what life looks like in this new stage. I do not like the fake verb our generation has created, referred to as “adulting”, but without having to say it again, that is essentially what I am trying to do.

I work as a nurse on the overnight shift in downtown Saint Paul. This small town girl is getting her taste of the big city. I enjoy my job and I am learning a lot, but what I have yet to master in this season is what to do with the crazy amount of new-found free time I have in my schedule since completing nursing school.

One thing you should know about me from the get-go is that I am a dweller, meaning I sit and mull and overthink everything and anything. My friends tell me they can visibly see when I am overthinking because I make silly and sometimes unique facial expressions as each new thought comes to mind. At times my thoughts can consume me and they can even be a little out there, but I like to think that some are fairly profound and I hope that some people might find them to be worth sharing.

With that being said, I am going to embark on this journey that so many other millennials have paved before me by starting this blog. I want to welcome you into Corinne’s Corner; the corner of my mind where thoughts dwell and are eagerly waiting to be shared! I am giving myself free reign as to what I want to talk about. I want it to follow the many directions that my mind can lead me, covering anything from all things Jesus, to book reviews, to episode recaps of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Please join me and come along for the ride!

Fun tidbits about me:

  • I am a Christian! Jesus Christ is my Savior. He has made a way for me and you to live a life of freedom and fulfillment by surrendering His life on the cross for our sins and then rising from the dead three days later, just as He said He would. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and the standard to which I hold my life. I have a heart for missions and ministry. I hope that in Corinne’s Corner I can share some of the many lessons I have learned and struggles I have faced and overcome through my walk with Christ. I will tell you now, there is no greater joy than being in relationship with Christ and I cannot wait to share more!


  • I am from a family of all girls, the 3rd of 4, and if you are wondering, yes I do have middle-child syndrome. I love to be the center of attention, always acting silly to draw some laughs. My family members have high standards of humor and do not laugh at just your average joke, so I have made it my life’s work to get them to crack. I like to think that their tough standards of humor has only made me a funnier person and has shaped me to be more creative. This has forced me to work from all angles to get them to smile. Laughing is my favorite!


  • I love my time on the lake, as I am from Minnesota after all. Give me any of the 10,000+ lakes and I will be content taking in the view. I also enjoy time behind the boat, whether it’s wakeboarding, kneeboarding, tubing, or other water sports. These activities give me something to look forward to during the never-ending winters (can I get an amen from all the Midwesterners!).


  • I am not your average dorky dancer. At any function with a dance you can find me on the far outskirts of the group. This is because my moves require a great deal of space for the creativity and expression I exude. My unique dance style and moves would only be squashed if I were contained inside a group of people.


  • I have a prank-call voice and character that I have been using with friends since junior high. She goes by Jo-Ann from Jo-Ann’s fabrics. Maybe if you are lucky, a voice recording of Jo-Ann will grace this blog. If you ever encounter her, be sure to ask her about upcoming sales and job opportunities. She just might talk your ear off!

I hope that you found these tidbits interesting and maybe even relatable (I mean who doesn’t have a fun prank call voice?). I cannot fully express how excited I am to be starting this journey in this stage of life I am in, seeking to embrace all things new! Please stay tuned for more to come!






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